• Our company’s development history and introduction

    Our company’s development history and introduction

    Our company was invited to participate in the well-known Canton Fair in 2022. The company mainly produces raincoats of various materials such as PE, PVC, EVA and PEVA, and has various styles and colors for customers to choose from. Our company has two processing plants, ...
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  • Raincoat Industry News

    Chongqing female traffic policemen wore red raincoats for the departure ceremony, which attracted widespread attention. After understanding, we learned that this was designed by Wang Lijun, director of Chongqing Public Security Bureau. Before, the clothing of female traf...
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  • Hot Products

    Hot Products

    Our factory mainly produces and sells raincoat products of various materials. This product is our company's hot-selling product. The material of this raincoat is EVA, which is of good quality and smooth to the touch. Raincoats help people to dissipate hot and humid water...
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